Saturday, 1 April 2017

Don't Starve Yourself, Rather Eat to Lose Weight

Reducing weight by eating… sounds funny no? Well, it's very unhealthy to stay hungry as it makes you weak and reducing fat or weight that way is not good as even some diseases like diarrhea also make one look thinner and reduce weight but they also make them weak. Would you like that? I hope not!!! So, I'm gonna share some things that can help one reduce fat if you eat them:
  • Almonds

    They are low in calories and contain good amount of fiber which makes one feel full for long time and thus, satisfies the hunger. So, they are a good snack for weight loss.
  • Apples

    Apples contain non-digestible compounds that promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut that are associated with weight loss.
  • Avocado
    They increase the rate at which the fat is burned, reduce appetite, and decrease the desire to eat after a meal.

  • Cucumber
    They are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and low in calories, which makes them very good detoxifier and also help in reducing weight.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
    Green leafy vegetables contain much lower calories as compared to other foods so they are great for losing weight. 

  • Beans
    They are high in protein and fiber which help to lose weight. They lead to more weight loss than a low carb diet.
  • Watermelon

    Dehydration leads to fluid retention that can cause bloating and make the belly look bigger. Watermelon is more than 90 percent water and can helps one stay hydrated to combat fluid retention.
  • Garlic
    Garlic boosts metabolism and eliminates fat from the cells. It also detoxifies the body.
  • Onions
    Onions are rich in fiber and help in burning calories.
  • Ginger
    They are good for digestion and help regulate cholesterol. In addition to increasing the fat loss, ginger also helps a person feel full which reduces food consumption. Thus, it acts as an appetite suppressant, which helps lose weight.
  • Cabbage
    It supports digestion, helps de-bloat, and has detoxifying properties.
  • Tomatoes
    Tomatoes fill the tummy but don't give those unwanted extra pounds. They improve metabolism and their fluid content helps digestion and bowel movement.
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