Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Beautifying Ice Cubes

Hot summers are something that we all hate and the scorching sunlight makes us drenched, dehydrated and we crave for ice cold drinks to keep ourselves feeling cool. Well, what if you could modify your skincare during summers in such a way that the harsh weather cannot harm thou skin? You'd love following these ice cold hacks during summers and your skin would thank you for this!

How to Prepare Ice Cubes' Tray
  1. Take an empty ice cubes' tray.
  2. Put aloe vera gel in some vacant slots.
  3. Put green tea in some of them
  4. Put raw milk in some.
  5. Mix cucumber puree, some lemon juice and drizzle some honey over it. Put this mixture in some vacant slots.
  6. In rest of the vacant slots, put plane water.
  7. Freeze it.
How to Use these Ice Cubes
  • For Sunburns
    Take aloe vera ice cubes and rub on affected areas. Aloe vera provides instant relief from sunburns and cooler the aloe vera, more is its effect so your skin will love ice cold one.
  • For Tan
    Gently massage with cucumber, lemon, and honey ice cubes and let it sit for ten minutes. Then wash it. This gives cooling effect, treats tan, and makes the skin feel fresh.
  • For Puffiness and Dark Circles
    After waking up, massage some green tea ice cubes on the face. This is very effective in reducing puffiness and dark circles.
  • As Moisturiser
    Every night, cleanse thou face and gently rub milk ice cubes on it for a few minutes. Let it stay till the milk dries and wash off with cold water. The face will be glowing the next morning.
  • For Fine Lines
    Take a plane water ice cube and wrap it in a thin clean cotton cloth. Pour 2-3 drops of lavender oil on it. Massage this on the face and neck before sleeping. Leave it overnight. This treats fine lines and also aids good sleep.
I'm sure nothing could be this super cool for getting beautiful, glowing skin for summers! Do give them a try and let me know how they work out for you in the comments section below.
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  1. Absolutely amazing. Wow this is soo easy I hope it works wonders as well. Definitely going to try it and will write back to you soon

  2. Yeah please let me know how it works out for you.