Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Angels' Enigmatic Eyes

A good eye-makeup can change our looks like wonders. People learn doing eye makeup but still don’t get that dramatic effect that they aim for. That smudged kajal and mascara are very disappointing!! We all face these problems but don’t know how to deal with them. Don’t worry, today you’re gonna learn how to add that drama to the eyes while keeping the products from smudging.

  • Smudge-Proof Kajal and Mascara Application
We all love applying kajal and mascara, don’t we? But they smudge and spread all over our under eye area making us look like we have dark circles which is such a turn down. To prevent that, one needs to learn how to keep the kajal and mascara from smudging.
Here’s how you can do that: Before applying eye makeup,
  1. Apply some compact on the under eye area as well as eyelids, it ensures that the area surrounding the eyes stays dry and any oil secreted by skin gets absorbed by the compact or powder and prevents kajal and mascara from smudging.
  2. Then, after applying kajal, line your eyes with the same colour eye-shadow over it which will lock the kajal and will not smudge when the eyes get watery. Never apply kajal on the inner corners of the eyes as that is the part which secretes most water so if there will be no kajal there then nothing would smudge. So, always apply kajal to the 3/4th part of the eyes from the outer corner.

  • Dramatic Eyes

This is an interesting thing to know. While, kajal, eye-shadows, eye-liner, mascara are all important but there’s more to it which if done, make the eyes look naturally dramatic.

    • We all apply kajal on our lower water-line or lash line but we tend to ignore our upper water-line which shouldn’t be the case. Always line the kajal on the upper water-line as well and apply a very thin layer of eye liner just along the upper lash line. Both of these will help in opening up the eyes like magic.  
    • Next, one may use false lashes to give that dramatic look to the eyes but sometimes the glue used to apply false lashes shows up as a white line which is totally a spoiler. So, apply a very thin layer of liquid eyeliner over that glue so it turns all black!

  • Never Ignore Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most ignored part when it comes to makeup. But fuller and rightly done eyebrows make you look younger and glamorous while the sparse ones make you look dull. So, always make sure to groom the eyebrows. If you have dark hair, fill the brows with a shade lighter than your hair and if you have blonde hair, then fill the brows with a shade darker than your hair.

So, those were some makeup tricks, which, if you follow, you may achieve that desired fantabulous makeup without worrying about any makeup disasters.

Let me know if you try any of these hacks and tell me how they work out for you.

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