Tuesday, 7 February 2017

For that Impeccable Make-Up Base + "Giveaway"

Most of the girls love doing makeup but are not pro at doing it and face many problems with make-up like kajal smudging, cakey base and what not!!! Always, remember one rule: ‘When it comes to make-up, less is more’ so never over-do anything. We try so many things but fail to get that flawless and perfect make-up. So today Your Pink Book is gonna solve all your make-up miseries. Keeping in mind the length of the post, I’m splitting this post in 3 parts – one each for base and makeup setting, lips, and eyes. So this post will be about base and makeup setting. And, there's a giveaway! Read the complete post to know the rules about giveaway. Let’s start.
  • Perfect Base

    A perfect base plays a very important role in making the make-up look natural. To achieve that, always cleanse the face before putting anything on it and then moisturize it well so that the make-up glides on smoothly and doesn’t look cakey. After that, apply a good primer which provides a smooth base for make-up and makes the products stay longer on the skin.
    Now, here comes the first trick: If you don’t want to splurge on so many products, use coconut oil as a primer. It works as an amazing primer and won’t make the face look oily as it gets easily absorbed into the skin. Moreover, it hydrates the skin so well that the base won’t look cakey. So, after cleansing the face, apply 2-3 drops(don’t use too much of it) of coconut oil on the face, massage it well and let it get absorbed into the skin for about 5-10 minutes. Then apply foundation or concealer as usual. I have tried this technique and it works really well. Oily skin beauties may not find it very useful but they may give it a try.

  • Right Way to Apply Foundation

A lot of girls don’t know the correct way of applying foundation which makes the foundation look very artificial. Brushes are quite difficult to use for beginners so the easiest ways include sponges, beauty blenders and fingertips. Always put very light dots all over the face and then just dab it till it gets absorbed, never rub it or spread it. This will make the foundation look very natural and won’t show up much if the right amount is used.

  • Setting the makeup
    Setting the makeup is very important to keep the makeup stay longer without fading. We  generally dust some loose powder to set that makeup in place but that is not right way to do it for all of us. If you have oily skin, then lock the makeup with the usual loose powder dusting technique but if you have dry skin, then don’t put any loose powder as it would make the face look cakey. Instead, use some makeup setting spray.
    Tip: Rosewater is a natural and an amazing makeup setting spray. Just spray the rose water over the face from a distance of about a few inches. Don’t rub it and let it dry on its own. It provides beautiful glow and amazing dewy finish. We all have rose water at our home so one doesn’t need to spend any extra money on the expensive makeup setting sprays available in the market.

Yes, those were the tricks to get a perfect base and keep the makeup in place. Try them out and experience the difference! Stay tuned for more hacks and tips in the upcoming posts.

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