Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hair that You'd Love Caressing

Hair care is very important in today’s time when we have to roam around in so much dust, pollution, harmful sunlight throughout the day. We tend to care about our skin but most of us don’t give much attention to our hair which makes them rough, dull and thin with time. Some of us don’t have enough knowledge about hair care and we think that shampooing and oiling are enough, but that is not it!!! There’s much more that we must do to take complete care of our locks. So today I’m discussing a hair care regimen. 
  •  Never wash hair without pre-oiling them. Oil need not be left overnight rather you can oil them an hour before washing. Try to apply lukewarm oil on the scalp and you will notice the difference on your own. 
  • Shampoo should not be applied directly to the scalp as it contains strong chemicals. So to neutralize the effect of those chemicals, take palm-full amount of water in a container and mix the same amount of shampoo that you would use otherwise to wash hair and then apply it to the hair and wash as usual. Then, to towel-dried hair (50% dry hair), apply Roots Morocvita Oil along the lengths of hair. It is natural and organic product, enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin A and essential fatty acids and moreover it is non greasy and is instantly absorbed by hair. This also protects hair from harmful UV rays and heat treatments. This oil is quite an expensive one but it is all worth the price.
  •          Never use blow dryers for drying hair, always let them air dry and never comb your hair till they are wet as it makes them weak and leads to hair breakage.

  •  Once a week, apply curd to the hair half an hour prior to head bath. Curd is a natural and best conditioner for our hair and contains everything that our locks need.

So that was a very simple hair care regimen with nothing fancy and easy to follow which helps keep hair healthy, thick and gorgeous! 

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