Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Life of Women in Indian Society

The Indian culture is known for its values and morals. But in the name of these morals and values, Indian women are being suppressed and they don't truly have any freedom. They are just the slaves of this patriarchal society.

It all starts right from the time she is born. And to be very precise, even before she is born. Yes, even after so much strictness against gender determination, this shameful act is still prevelant in our society and the girl child gets killed even before she is born. And those who don't get the gender determination done, and they get a girl child then that child is not welcomed at all as the child's family including her parents want a boy child and when they get a girl child then they are not happy for her as much as they would be had it been a boy! 

Then there are some sections of society(mainly lower middle class and poor/BPL people) where girls are devoid of education.
The families who are rich enough to provide education to their children do provide very good education to their daughters, but they also have this mindset that girl is just meant to stay at home. She is forced to end her career, kill her dreams and get married to some rich guy and spend the rest of her life as a home-maker even when she doesn't want to do so. She is clearly told that she has no rights to dream and if she does then she should be always ready to forget them as they are impractical and not meant to be fulfilled. And she is forced to do all this in the name of her secure and better future. But that future is better just in the eyes of her parents and society; for her it's the end of her life.

If a girl is, say 28, 29 or more years old and she is unmarried then she is treated as a burden to the family and the society makes the situation even more difficult for her by taunting her and her family every now and then. She is held responsible by her parents for all the stress in their life and she gets mistreated by them. But she has to suffer all that because she is a good cultured girl! If she revolts to live her life the way she wants then she is called a stigma to the family and emotionally blackmailed as to be the cause of her parents' illness and stress and ruining their old age. She is sometimes even threatened to be the cause of her parents' death if she doesn't do what they want. And our sweet Indian girls kneel down and suffer their whole life for the sake of her parents' old age as they love their parents more than their dreams or anything; daughters love their parents even more than their beloved sons. The sons may mistreat their parents but the parents would still love their sons more than their daughters and give them more rights too.

The famous slogan 'beti bachao, beti padhao' is actually perceived by Indians as 'beti bachao, beti padhao, aur phir usko ghar mein bithao'!

We talk about freedom, equality, rights, etc. but are these freedom, rights and equality just for males?!!!? Majority of Indian women have no freedom to pursue their dreams, to do what they want, to go where they want and when they want, to wear what they want, and even to speak what they want. A woman has to do what her parents or brother(s) or husband or her in-laws feel is right for her. She can't raise her voice if she wants to do something against their wishes. She has no rights to see dreams for her life or future as they are all meant to be broken by her family if they don't approve of them. Then how can we say that Indian women have freedom! They might have got freedom from Britishers but not from the patriarchal society.

Indian girls are imposed with so many restrictions. She is just meant to give birth to children and do their upbringing and forget about her dreams or career and remain dependent on her father or husband for money and when she is dependent on them then she has to listen to everything they say, agree with them everytime(sometimes unwillingly too), and to tolerate their very bad behaviour at times. And if a girl doesn't do that then she is mispronounced as someone with bad ethics and cursed by the society.

Prey to Social Evils
We all know that there are many social evils like dowry system, molestation and rapes. Even in 21st century, dowry system is being practiced in almost all sections of society. And the girl child is cursed for dowry by her parents and by her in-laws too if they are not satisfied with what they received in dowry by girl's family.

Then comes the biggest evils for women -- molestation and rapes. Because of the fear of these things, she is not allowed to go out at certain times, to certain places, to meet some people, and to wear certain types of clothes. And whenever any such case happens, then our society holds the girl responsible for that by saying that she was not in appropriate attire or she should not have been roaming around at such time or she should not have been drunk or she should not have gone to that place and the list is endless. Why do we expect the girl to be under so much norms all the time? The crime is done by the boy(s) so he must be taught to remain under the norms and the girl should not be held responsible for provoking the boy to do such a cheap deed with her. But no matter what, our society always finds one reason or the other to blame the girl. Such a shame!

If this is the fate of women in Indian society then this must change. Our perseverance of Indian culture is wrong as it was never meant to keep women chained with norms all the time. The condition of Indian women is no better than the slaves, the rulers here being the parents, brothers, husband, in-laws, and the society. Women should have all the rights that men have and they should be freed of all the norms that society puts on them knowingly or unknowingly. They must have freedom to do what they want, to live the way they wish, to wear what they want, to pursue their dreams and career, to be independent, to raise voice against the wrong, and to live life on their own terms. Men should not be considered superior to women. There is nothing that a girl can't do. And we have many examples to prove that women have excelled and beaten boys in almost all the fields. The day we achieve freedom for our women then we can say that we are truly and completely independent. Right now, our independence is partial as it is limited majorly to men!

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Disclaimer: I understand that there are many exceptions to what I have written but this is my generalised view of the society.